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What is a RagaMuffin? 

      Their history is rich and wonderful but I'd like to talk about what makes them unique. Often referred to as 'puppy cats', many Muffins like to follow their owner around like a dog and enjoy being trained to play fetch. 

      Above all they have a docile and sweet disposition. So sweet in fact, many are purchased and donated to individuals with disabilities. Many Ragamuffins enjoy being held and will go limp when held like a baby. RagaMuffins are sometimes quite larger than the average cat, while others may be normal sized or in-between. 

       At first we had reservations about breeding cats and all the negative things that could be. After becoming educated with the History and learning the values of the RagaMuffin Breeders Society we were delighted! They practice an intelligent and moral system to only breed cats with Bloodlines free of known genetic problems, maintain the sweet/docile genetics, actively work against inbreeding and working together positively with each other to better the breed and the human experience with them.

      RagaMuffins become family instantly and grant you with unforgettable, unique and priceless experiences. RagaMuffins make the best pets, there I said it LOL and make a perfect alternative to owning a dog !!!
(A disclamer: Here at MeowPhace muffins we love dogs too! ) 

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